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Vision And Mission


Otokar designs and manufactures vehicles, whose Intellectual Property Rights belonging to itself, as well as creating synergy with its Licensors by manufacturing under their license however with a remarkable added value through its own R&D capabilities. Otokar aims to ensure permanent satisfaction of its shareholders with a philosophy of perfection.


The main task of Otokar is to design, manufacture, and market the commercial vehicles and various defense industry products with worldwide competitive qualifications, in line with the customer expectations.


Otokar intends to grow by an average of 10% p.a. with an aiming of high profitability for its equities and increasing its share value within the framework of the goals and principles as determined by Koç Group. It adopts the theme "the Group that is closest to the Consumer" of Koç Group. It intends to be the sector leader or second company in its fields of activity. It works to enhance the strength of trademark and to dominate technology. It aims to get minimum 30% of its revenues from abroad by increasing export figures.

Koç Holding

Last Update: 25 July 2014

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