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Cobra has been developed by Otokar's research and development team to provide the best solution for the need of the armed forced for wheeled armored vehicles. Cobra attracts interest with its superior maneuvering capability and its high level of ballistic protection as well as its feature of adjustability of the same platform for diverse functions. It provides great facilities in maintenance and service as it is designed on the same framework and infrastructure and it can be manufactured in many models and types. The fact that the infrastructure remains the same even in diverse Cobras manufactured for different realms, which, in turn, saves from maintenance and repair works and spare parts, makes Cobra an armored vehicle preferred by many armies.

Rubber tire-wheeled 4 x 4 Cobra Armored Vehicle capable of carrying 1+8 personnel is manufactured with the following types. Moreover, it has an amphibious version as well.

Export of all armoured vehicles subject to requirements of related governments' export licence regulations

  • Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicle
  • Armored NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • Armored Command and Control Vehicle
  • Armored Communication Vehicle
  • Armored EOD Vehicle
  • Armored Ambulance
  • Armored 12,7/40 mm Weapon Platform


The Cobra's power/weight ratio is higher than 30 HP/ton. The powerful turbo diesel VB engine gives Cobra power to navigate the toughest terrain conditions. An electronically controlled automatic transmission, permanent four wheel drive and 2-speed lockable transfer box ensure high mobility whatever the terrain conditions are. An independent suspension and Central Tyre Inflation System make the Cobra the highest mobility armored vehicle in its class.


The optimized body angles of the monocoque hull structure provide Cobra built-in survivability. This, together with a low silhouette and high mobility in all types of terrain, result in excellent level of survivability. Run-flat tyres, provided as standard feature, allow the vehicle to continue its mission, even with deflated tyres.


The compactly designed Cobra is transportable by aircraft, helicopter, truck or railway, suitable for rapid deployment forces.

Cobra Open Turret Personnel Carrier

Suspension structure, rapid ingress and egress capability provided by the wide doors of Cobra vehicle ensure safe transfer and easy interference of the personnel. Vehicle's monocoque body and its wide wall angles are designed to provide higher ballistic and mine protection and due to its low profile, it is not an easy target to detect.

Cobra Closed Turret Personnel Carrier

Otokar designed closed turret, enhances Cobra's effectiveness in day and night conditions during missions such as border control, road and strategic area protection and fire support to the teams in combat area.

Cobra 40 mm AGL ve 12.7 mm MG Vehicle

The 360° rotating turret with twin guns has an ergonomic design and a low profile appropriate for various roles and missions. The turret provides possibility of surveillance and rapid firing against both ground and air targets from inside of the vehicle under protection.

Cobra Ambulance

It provides safe transport of patients and medical crew to risky areas. All necessary medical equipment for first aid is placed on the vehicle.

Cobra Reconnaissance / Surveillance Vehicle

This vehicle is developed for target acquisition and information feedback to higher command units under severe battlefield conditions. With its computer-controlled mission equipment, the vehicle can sustain undegraded operation under day/night and all weather conditions.

The electro-optic sensor system and ground surveillance radar can either function independently or in complementary modes. target information is transmitted via frequency hopping and targets are displayed through RF microwave link.

Cobra Command / Control Vehicle

Cobra Command / Control vehicle acts as a part of the command and control chain or as a command post and provides operational and regional intelligence in peacetime or engagement operations. The data collected via the vehicle's communicational subsystems are processed in a computer-aided environment.

Cobra EOD Vehicle

The vehicle is developed to act against explosive attacks in airports. A hydraulically controlled blade, manufactured of the same armor materials as the hull and located at the front of the vehicle, can be controlled from the driver's position.

Cobra Amphibious Vehicle

Double hydraulic thrusters with joystick control and position controller radiator aperture enables amphibious operation eliminating need for pre-work.

Giat 20 mm

Cobra Giat 20 mm Cannon

Cobra fitted with GIAT's 20 mm 20M621 cannon is designed to meet ground to ground and ground to air missions including patrol, protection of sensitive areas and participation in defense roles.

Remote Controlled

Cobra Remote Controlled Weapon Station

Cobra APC fitted with remotely controlled weapon station has a flexibility to accept 7,62 GPMG or 12,7mm HMG or 40mm AGL to its weapon station which is coupled with FLIR and day camera. Totally controlled by the gunner within inside of the protected compartment, the vehicle has a crew of 3 and accommodates additional 6 man personnel at the rear. The vehicle forms an efficient platform for patrol under day and night conditions.

Cobra Tests

Cobra was tested to develop its tactical cross-country capabilities and mobility performance. Durability and environmental performance were tested at special test centers in the U.S.

  • Performance in Climatized Wind Tunnel
  • Brake Performance Tests with 5th Wheel
  • Environmental Tests
  • Gradability Tests
  • Fording Capability Tests
  • Side Slope Capability Tests
  • Mobility Performance Tests
  • Mine Resistance Test
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  • Otokar Awarded $63.2 Million Contract for ARMA 6x6

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    Otokar, the biggest privately owned company of Turkish Defence Industry, presented its worldwide known military vehicles of its own design and production at the 10th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF) which held between 10 - 13 May, 2011 at Tüyap Beylikdüzü Fair, Convention and Congress Centre in Istanbul.

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  • Otokar to Receive $30 Million Contract

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  • Otokar Receives $10,6 Million Contract for 6x6 ARMA

    Turkish leading land systems manufacturer, Otokar received the first contract for its new 6x6 tactical armoured vehicle ARMA from abroad. The contract is valued in excess of $10.6 million including the vehicles, spare parts and training. Deliveries under this contract award are expected to be completed in 15 months.

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    Otokar, the leader armoured tactical vehicle designer and manufacturer of Turkish Defence Industry, presents for the first time its new mine protected armoured vehicle "KAYA" at IDEX. Otokar also displays its worldwide known armoured vehicle "COBRA" and its armoured personnel carrier "Otokar APV" at the show in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between 22nd and 26th February.

  • Otokar exhibits its Armoured Patrol Vehicle at DSA 2006

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  • Giant Defence Industry Order To Otokar

    Otokar, the leading brand of the defense industry in Turkey, received a defense industry order from abroad for 600 vehicles, with a total value of USD 88,4 million, including spare parts and training.

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