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  • 1963

    Official foundation of Otokar

  • 1964

    First intercity busses and first fridge trailers of Turkey manufactured

  • 1966

    Toll manufacturing of Land Rover

  • 1968

    Airy Apollo

  • 1969

    Name change to "Otobüs Karoseri Sanayi ve Turizm İşletmeleri A.Ş.

    Manufacturing of minibuses for public transportation

  • 1976

    Otokar becomes a member of Koç Group

  • 1983

    First armored money transportation vehicle of Turkey

  • 1984

    Name change to "Otokar Otobüs Karoseri Sanayi A.Ş."

  • 1985

    Municipality public buses in length of 12 meters

    First computer aided design works in automotive industry

  • 1987

    Manufacturing of tactical wheeled vehicles under the license of Land Rover Defender

  • 1989

    Manufacturing of the first tactical armored wheeled vehicle of Turkey: Otokar ZP​​T

  • 1990

    Joining of Akrep armored tactical vehicles of the product family

  • 1993

    First tactical armored vehicle exportation of Turkey and the "New Export Item Award" from the Under Secretariat of Foreign Trade

  • 1995

    Public offering

  • 1997

    Move to the plant in Sakarya; planning for manufacturing of Cobra

  • 1998

    Award of contract for 5250 pcs. tactical wheeled vehicles by the Turkish Armed Forces

  • 2002

    Merger with İstanbul Fruehauf A.Ş.

    The first aluminum tanker semi-trailer with ADR certificate of Turkey

    Manufacturing of midi bus Sultan

  • 2003

    Manufacturing of the first tanker with ADR certificate of Turkey

  • 2004

    Unification of R & D and engineering works of Otokar under the roof of "R & D Center"

    First exportation of Sultan brand midi buses

  • 2005

    Armored Internal Security Vehicle

  • 2007

    Doruk brand medium size bus

    The first hybrid bus of Turkey

  • 2008

    Selection of Otokar as the main contractor for the National Battle Tank Manufacturing Project

    Acquisition of the land and equipment of Otoyol manufacturing plant

  • 2009

    KAYA brand Mine Resistant Armored Vehicle

    KENT brand 12-meter in-city busses and M2010 minibuses

    Awards to Doruk brand medium size bus: Design Turkey Award, Busworld Kortrijk Grand Award

    Order of the Under Secretariat of Defense Industry for 861 pcs Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

  • 2010

    ARMA brand 6x6 armored combat vehicle and two export orders

    The best-selling bus brand of Turkey

  • 2011

    Special Jury Award in KENT European Coach Week

    ARMA brand 8x8 armored combat vehicle

    First model of Altay in actual dimensions

    Establishment of Otokar Europe

  • 2012

    Opening of Otokar Tank Testing Center

    First electric bus of Turkey

    Presentation of the first prototype of Altay

    Winning of the tender for purchase of buses by the İstanbul City Bus Administration

  • 2013

    Manufacturing of Tulpar tracked armoured vehicles.

    Manufacturing of Atlas brand trucks

  • 2014

    ISO 10002 certification for customer satisfaction.

    Being named the “Most Successful R&D Centre” in automotive industry, accreditation of Otokar EMC/EMI Test Centre.

  • 2015

    Leader bus brand in Turkey for the sixth censecutive year.

    Kent Articulated Bus.

    Tulpar S Tracked Armoured Combat Vehicle.

  • 2016

    Submiting the offer to SSM for the serial production of Altay Main Battle Tank.

    Exporting the technology and licence of Navigo buses. The Smart Bus, developed under the CoMoSeF programme.

    Establishing Otokar Land Systems Limited in the United Arab Emirates.

  • 2017

    Signing a contract with the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces for the 8x8 armoured vehicles by Al Jasoor, the Joint Venture company of Otokar Land Systems.

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