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Selection and Placing

With the aim of numbering such candidates who are congruent with the culture and competencies of Otokar, which will carry the company, which has achieved world class successes, to the future with the same success level among us, we are using our existing data bank, the employment sites and the social media. We include the candidates who are deemed appropriate in the assessment process in line with the requirements of the position. By applying personality inventory, English test, competency-based interview and technical presentation exercise in line with the requirements of the position to our candidates, we end the recruitment assessment process by making job offer to the prominent candidates.

In order to enable our colleagues who joined us to adapt themselves to the job and the corporate culture in a most rapid manner, we appoint one of our employees in the same team as the orientation coach to them. The Orientation Coach also helps the employee establish the first contact with the other employees within the scope of the Orientation Interview Program prepared for the employee. Thanks to the Orientation Interview Program, the employee finds the opportunity to know and establish relationship with the persons with whom he/she will interact intensively from the very first day of commencing the job.​

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