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Training and Development

In the successful progress of Otokar in national and international arenas in recent years, the role of the human resource with experience and knowledge in technological sense is undisputable. Labor of our employees, each of whom is a globally powerful player, on the way to making Otokar the most important technology developing company of Turkey is invaluable for us. In order to enable our employees to maintain their dominance over the advanced technology in the industry and their competitive power , we, as Otokar, are implementing diverse training and development processes. For making of personal training and development plans of the employees, our managers come together with each of their subordinates at the beginning of each year to make an evaluation of the previous year and make the plan for current year. In these meetings, they share mutually the strengths and improvement areas of the employee and obtain the opinion of the employee about the development activities in which the employee can take part during the new period. After this stage, our employees have access via the Education Data Base-Koç Academy to development activities such as classroom training, e-training, seminars, etc. as well as to the Learning References consisting of reading materials and e-periodicals. Necessary tips, guides, research papers, reports and videos on the way to overcoming difficult business conditions, developing such competencies which are critically important for success and ensuring the professional development are made available via Koç Academy to the employees throughout the year.

Post-Graduation Study Support System

One management strategy adopted by Otokar is to support its existing powerful R&D knowledge and experience with new investments every year and to ensure occupational and personal development of the employees. To this end, we, as Otokar, pay the cost of the program attended by the employees of the R & D Center who attend post-graduation and doctorate programs in branches with and without dissertation, distance education and engineering branches at formal and secondary education departments of state and private universities.

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