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Work Life at Otokar

​​​With the strength taken from our employees, we, as Human Resources of Otokar, embrace the goal of becoming a company where mutual trust and respect pervade, where participation and diversity are given value. We can delineate our Human Resources Policy as ensuring continuous development, motivation and loyalty of our qualified human resource to Otokar family.

​​​To be a mostly preferred company in the industry by creating an environment from which our employees take pride, which enables the employees to exhibit high performance by bringing out their potential, by improving the knowledge, skill and competency of our employees, and to ensure continuity of this.​​​

We create and support any opportunity for development of our employees. In order to attract highly qualified employees to the company and to maintain loyalty of the existing employees, we target to stand by our employees by pursuing contemporary human resources policies which create equalitarian, reliable and peaceful working environments far from discrimination on religion, language, race and gender without abandoning the ethical values.​​​

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