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Otokar participates in Busworld Turkey with 8 vehicles

Otokar, Turkish bus market leader for the last six consecutive years, participated in Busworld 2016 with its wide range of products extending from 7 meters to 18.75 meters. A company of Koç Group, Otokar introduced 8 vehicles, especially its new bus Kent C Articulated, in the International BUSWORLD TURKEY 2016 Bus and Supply Industry Trade Fair held in Istanbul between 14-17 April.

The leader of the Turkish bus market in the last six years, Otokar took part in International BUSWORLD TURKEY 2016 Bus and Supply Industry Trade Fair held in Istanbul between 14-17 April with 8 vehicles, especially the new bus Kent C Articulated.

At the press conference held at Istanbul Expo Center, Otokar Deputy General Manager H. Basri Akgul said that Otokar, one of the major players in the Turkish automotive industry, operated in more than 45 countries with its buses under its own property rights. Akgul said: "We have been the leader of the bus market in the last six years and we are Turkey's most preferred bus brand. As Otokar, we strengthened our position in the automotive industry even more in Turkey in 2015. Our turnover reached 1.4 billion Turkish lira, representing a 16 percent increase. Last year increasing its export revenue by 77 percent, our company also successfully continued the momentum abroad that it has captured in Turkey. At the end of 2015 the share of our exports in the company's turnover had risen to 29 percent. As Otokar, we export buses to over 45 countries, mainly to Europe. We became the export leader in the small bus segment of Turkey in 2015.


Akgul reminded that Otokar established the company "Otokar Europe" in France in 2011 and that it aimed at becoming one of the leading bus manufacturers in the European market. Akgul continued: "We rapidly proceed towards this goal. In 2015 Otokar was the most preferred brand of small bus in France. At the same time, through our efforts in target markets such as Italy, Spain and Germany our bus sales have significantly increased in these countries. For us the most important export in 2015 was the "Vectio C" bus, which we offered to the use of the Maltese public transport sector. This agreement, followed by Kent C bus orders, has been the largest RHD bus fleet export of Turkey. While Tunisia was the third country where we sold the most vehicles last year, after France and Italy in Europe. We also tripled our sales in the Belgian market compared to the previous year."


Reminding that commercial vehicle production carried out in Turkey last year totaled 567,769, Akgul said: "As Otokar we signed the production orders for a total of 3,531 buses last year. In 2015, for the sixth straight year, we were Turkey's most preferred bus brand for 25 and more passengers. One out of every 3 buses sold in the domestic market is made by Otokar. Last year we also were the company realizing the highest small bus export." Stating that Otokar kept the leadership in the first quarter of 2016, Akgul said that in the first three months of 2016 one out of every 3 buses for 25 and more passengers was made by Otokar.


"Otokar has one of the most successful R&D centers in Turkey and commits 3.8 percent of turnover in average of 10 years to R&D. The company spent 310 million TL for R&D in the past 10 years", said Akgul, adding that the center also services as an independent accreditation center for R&D studies for many sectors both domestically and abroad. Reminding that Otokar has designed the firsts of Turkey including Turkey's first electric bus, Akgul gave the following information on Euro 6 buses: "We have completed all our work in accordance with the regulations on commercial vehicles that will be in effect in Turkey in 2016 and in accordance with the regulation on Euro 6 Emission Motor Vehicles. We have already been selling our Euro 6 in European markets for a long time. You may see the samples of our new buses in Busworld." Remarking that studies were carried out on safety beyond the requirements of regulations, Akgul said: "Work on "Advanced Emergency Braking System" and "Lane Departure Warning System", which became compulsory in 2016, have been designed within the Otokar R&D center. Although the second-level tests for the braking systems consisting of two levels will be mandatory from 2018 on, Otokar vehicles have also successfully passed these tests."


Otokar aims at maintaining its leadership in the field of buses this year. Otokar displays its Euro 6 engine Kent C Articulated buses, which was launched in Europe last year, in BUSWORLD 2016 for the first time in Turkey. Recently being awarded by ESHOT (Electricity Water Gas Buses and Trolley Buses) affiliated to the Municipality of Izmir for 100 articulated buses, Otokar will provide these vehicles to ESHOT. Kent C Articulated buses will serve in Izmir, where Vectio and Kent buses are already serving. Under the tender, maintenance and service support for the buses will also be provided by Otokar.

The vehicles Otokar exhibited at the fair are as follows: City buses: Kent C Articulated (18,75 m.), Kent C (12 m.), Vectio C (10 m.), Navigo C (7.7 m.); service and tourist buses; Navigo T (7 m.) Navigo U (7 m.), Vecito T (10 m.), and Territo U (12 m.).


KENT C ARTICULATED: 18,75 m. Kent C Articulated stands out with its high passenger capacity and  low-floor entrance. The new member of Otokar bus family is the ideal choice for public transport.

KENT C: This 12-m. vehicle is an ideal city bus with low-floor entrance, large interior space offering unique comfort to passengers, low operating costs and durability. It promises a spacious ride with powerful air conditioning in all seasons. It offers maximum safety with ABS, ASR and disc brakes.

 VECTIO C: It stands out by being economical as well as with its modern interior and exterior appearance, powerful engine, handling and superior traction performance. The vehicle allows comfortable entry and exit for passengers on wheel chairs, with baby carriages and for elderly passengers with its low-floor, landing door, and disability ramp.  It offers comfortable and enjoyable trips for passengers with its big and large windows, spacious interior and standard air conditioning. The bus has all systems complying with European safety norms and offers maximum safety through ABS and ASR, in addition to fully dry air disc brakes in front and rear. 

NAVIGO C: In urban public transport, its modern interior and exterior appearance and interior spaciousness come to the fore. A flat rear floor is useful for disabled passengers. The vehicle hastens the entry and exit of passengers with a large door and offers freedom to travel to everyone with an easily folding disabled ramp.

NAVIGO T: The economical vehicle is strong with a 6-speed transmission and draws attention with its exterior and interior design. It allows an enjoyable trip for passengers with its comfortable passenger seats that can be leaned back and opened to sides, powerful air conditioning, spacious interior, continuous lighting and carpeting. It is ready to serve the tourism industry with its standard LCD screen and DVD player, refrigerator, guide seat and microphone system.

NAVIGO U: This vehicle has been used in countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain under the name of Navigo U since 2008. It launched in the Turkish market in the framework of accommodating more disabled passengers and in compliance with regulations. The vehicle has the capacity of transporting 7 disabled passengers sitting in their wheelchairs. 

VECTIO T: It draws attention with its compact length of 10 meters, 39 + 1 + 1 and an optional 43+ 1 + 1 passenger handling capacity, high luggage volume, and passenger comfort. ABS and ASR brake system, front and rear disc brakes and Retarder braking system offer safe driving.

TERRITO U: Territo U bus brings a new element to Otokar's transportation, drawing attention with high passenger capacity, up to 76 people, and the opportunity of standing and sitting passengers.

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