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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company being aware of its corporate responsibility, Otokar takes charge actively on issues such as development of the country, growth of the society, protection and supporting of the environment and invests in the future.

Otokar supports the “For My Country” Project which aims at spreading the idea of social responsibility among the companies, employees, dealers and suppliers of Koç Group, developing a more participating attitude toward social problems, supporting the local development and realizing the projects that will elevate the living standard. Launched on the 80th anniversary of Koç Group, the “For My Country” Project has realized significant successes in the field of social responsibility since 2006. Otokar has participated actively in the projects in the fields of local development, afforestation, blood donation and participation of the disable in the social life.

Exhibiting proactive works in the area of education as well, Otokar takes part in university-industry collaborations, provides support to universities especially on the issues of vehicles running with alternative fuels and supports the “Our Country Needs Vocational Schools” project which has been carried out under the roof of Koç Holding.

Within the scope of its social responsibility works, Otokar also takes upon the duty of raising the awareness for the environment and carrying out its environmental responsibilities. It establishes system based on efficient utilization of the environment and the natural resources and ensures continuity of such systems. On the areas of protection and improvement of the surrounding environment, Otokar conducts afforestation activities and delivers training to the local people and the business partners about the protection of the environment. Having been awarded awards on the subject of environment from the Ministry of Environment, the Office of Governor of Sakarya, the İstanbul Chamber of Commerce, the Adapazarı Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Otokar is one of the first automotive companies which has obtained the ISO 14001 certificate.​​

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