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Being the first automotive company that used computer aided design in Turkey, Research&Development is a core part of Otokar from the first day it has been established. The share of Otokar design vehicles in turnover is 91%.

Focusing on the customer expectations, Otokar invests in R&D continuously. The share of R&D spendings in turnover in the last years is 4%.

Otokar's R&D capabilities involve CAD programs for product development, prototype workshops and softwares, computer-aided analysis and simulation softwares and test-purpose setups and softwares. Otokar's R&D Center incorporates Turkey's the first and only, Europe's limited number Climatic Chamber with Dynamometer, Turkey's highest-capacity hydraulic road simulator and Turkey's largest and one of the world's most modern Electromagnetic Compatibility Chamber. Also, the R&D Center contains one of the world's most modern and Turkey's most advanced mine test equipment and Ballistic Shooting Test Laboratory.

Being awarded as Turkey's second most successful R&D Center in automotive by Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2015, Otokar has the vision of "having and predominating" the technology and manufacturing products with its own intellectual property rights.

Being the 5th company in Turkish patent awards, Otokar has 162 patents and industrial designs.

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