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Divident Policy


The Company makes profit distribution in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Capital Market Legislation, the Tax Legislation and the other laws and regulations as well as the articles of the articles of association concerning the profit distribution. A stable and balanced policy observed between the shareholders and Company benefits as per to the Corporate Governance Principles.

In principle, based on the net profit in the period as set out in the financial statements prepared in accordance with the Capital Market Legislation and subjected to independent audit, minimum 50% of the “distributable profit in the period” as calculated in accordance with the Capital Market Legislation and the other relevant laws and regulations is distributed in cash or as gratis shares.

The profit distribution is aimed to be performed in one month at the latest after the General Meeting; General Meeting also decides the profit distribution date. General Meeting or Board of Directors in case authorization can decide distribution of the profit as installment as per to the Capital Markets Arrangements.

Board of Directors can distribute profit advance with the condition of compliance to the Capital Markets Arrangements and authorization by the General Meeting.

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